President's Message

Updated Tuesday February 13, 2018 by Red Circle Hockey Club.

It is that time of year where teams are starting to enter the playoffs and the hockey season is starting to come to an end. With the playoffs comes the added level of excitement and pressure on all those involved from players, to coaches, spectators and especially parents. Therefore, I think it is a good time to remind everyone that it is Red Circles and the City of London’s expectation that everyone who enters the facilities will treat it with respect and act appropriately while in the facility. If you want more information or to submit an Rzone incident report you can go to 

If the teams are playing music prior or after the game, the City of London would like to remind you that extension cords are not permitted to be used in dressing rooms. The risk of electrocution is higher due to wet floors, the possibility of being stepped on by skates and therefore are not permitted in the dressing rooms. We would also like to remind you to be respectful of the others in the Arena and to play music that does not contain offensive or inappropriate language. We also ask that you keep the music at an appropriate volume.  

Good luck to everyone in their playoff games, have fun and I will see you at Championship Weekend March 24th and 25

Dave Dawe 

Red Circle Hockey Club President