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Updated Friday April 26, 2013 by Red Circle Hockey Club.

Everything you do says something about you.  The Canadian Hockey Association's "Shared Respect Initiative" asks you to consider your role in showing "Respect" for the game, and the people involved in making this the great game it is. How much do you RESPECT the game of hockey and all it's participants?  Take this simple test to see how you rate. Check off the statements that apply to you.


_The safety of the participants in the game is more important than the final score.


_I may not cheer for the opposition team, but I will also not cheer against them or verbally abuse them.


_I value the contribution of the coach in developing the players talents, even though I

may not always agree with their methods.


_I understand that officials do not make the hockey rules, they only apply them.


_I understand that children learn from adults, and my behaviour reflects what I want children to learn.


_I understand that officials are responsible to ensure that the game is played in a safe and fair manner for all participants.


_I understand that players, coaches and officials are learning the game, and mistakes will be made in the learning process.


_I understand that the biggest reason for players and officials quitting the game is abuse.


(How did you rate? If you checked off 0 - 2- Step back and check your motives for being involved in the game; 3 - 4 - on your way; 5 - 6 - almost there; 7 - 8 -outstanding)


When players, coaches, parents and officials recognize the value of each person's contribution to the game, the game is better for everyone.