Shared Respect Initiative

Updated Saturday August 3, 2013 by Red Circle Hockey Club.

The Canadian Hockey Association's "Shared Respect Initiative" is designed to make the game more fun for all participants.  It specifically targets the problem of abuse of officials, but it applies to all participants.


Keeping players playing and officials officiating the game is an important step to improving the game.  One of the major concerns of the CHA is the drop out rate of players, coaches and officials who leave the game as a result of "abuse".  Many good young players leave the game at an early age, many good coaches stop volunteering their time every year, and 30% of active officials quit the game each year.


The loss of a player, official or coach, due to abuse hurts the entire game.


The loss of 10,000 officials in each season, and difficulties in recruiting new ones, puts significant strain on the entire hockey program, because officials that leave the game are replaced by a new official with no experience, and it leaves significant shortages for qualified officials at higher levels of hockey. The main reason for officials leaving the game is the "abuse" factor.


Canada continues to produce some of the best officials in the world, but in order for Canada to retain it's position as a developer of top officials, it is important that the number of officials who leave the game must be reduced significantly, and that recruitment of officials must be made easier.  Reducing the level of abuse will go a long way in achieving these goals. Respect for the game, the participants and the officials is key!


The "SHARED RESPECT INITIATIVE" calls upon all parties to respect the other participants in the game.