Police Checks Required for the Upcoming Season

Police Checks

Updated Tuesday December 11, 2018 by Red Circle Hockey Club.

It is now a requirement of the Red Circle Hockey Club for all Coaches and Assistant Coaches to obtain a Vulnerable Sector Check from their local police department in order to coach with our League. The report must be dated no earlier than April 1st for the upcoming season. However, after you have submitted your police check for this season it will be acceptable for up to 3 years if a signed declaration is provided prior to each upcoming season verifying there is no change in your status in regards to this police check. 

Coaches and Assistant Coaches will not be selected until approximately the middle of October each season. Therefore the Board has agreed that Coaches and Assistant Coaches have up to November 15th to produce their report for the current season.

Any Coach or Assistant Coach who does not produce this report by this date will be asked to resign their position as Coach or Assistant Coach.