Lifetime Members (Red Circle Hockey Club)

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Red Circle has a method to pay tribute to members who have contributed to the organization over the years, by presenting them with a lifetime membership. A "Life Member" is a member who have achieved the highest honour that can be bestowed by the Corporation and is awarded only for very distinctive services to the Corporation.

The following list of names have been voted Red Circle's highest honour:

Backus, Jim 
Beach, Mac 
Booth, Bob (deceased)
Clark, Joanne 
Coombs, Jamie 
Crosby, Donna 
Currah, Murray 
Davies, Kellie
Davies, Larry 
Dawe, David 
Devries, Martin 
Grimminck, Teresa 
Hiscox, Nick
Hiscox, Terri
Hodgins, Don (deceased)
Kilgour, Fred (deceased)
Lees, Don 
MacLean, Ray 
Mandel, Jay 
Murray, Stu 
Robbins, Melinda 
Root, Keith 
Schmid, Pete 
Sharrard, Aussie 
Weiler, Gary