Long-Term Player Development (Red Circle Hockey Club)

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What is Long Term Player Development?

Specific to Hockey

Sport Canadaʼs Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Resource Paper “Canadian Sport for Life” sets out a framework for sport development in Canada. Hockey Canadaʼs Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is an eight-stage model based on the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development of children and adolescents. Each stage reflects a different point in developing the player. The first three stages emphasize physical literacy and a broad range of sport experiences. The next five stages focus on development and competitive excellence. Active for Life encourages life-long physical activity and informed healthy lifestyle choices with participation in hockey long after the competitive years. 

Long Term Player Development also:

  • Is a philosophy and a vehicle for change.
  • Is athlete-centered from a child's first involvement in sport to the transition to lifelong physical activity or other sport related activities.
  • Integrates the needs of athletes with a disability into the design and delivery of sport programs.
  • Provides a framework for reviewing current practices, developing new initiatives, and standardizing programs.
  • Establishes a clear development pathway from playground to podium and on to being active for life.
  • Identifies the shortcomings in Canada's sport system and provides guidelines for problem solving.
  • Provides guidelines for planning for optimal performance for all stages of athlete development.
  • Provides key partners with a coordinated structure and plan for change.
  • Identifies and engages key stakeholders in delivering change.
  • Provides an aligned and integrated model for delivering systems including
  • Long-term athlete development — technical, physical, tactical, and behavioral.
  • Long-term coaching development.
  • Sport and physical activity programs and services in NSOʼs, PSOʼs, recreational organizations, clubs, and schools. 

Here are some resources to understand Canada's LTPD Model: