2022-2023 Coaches Registration Form (Red Circle Hockey Club)

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer coach, assistant coach, team manager or parent volunteer with the Red Circle Hockey Club (RCHC). Please complete this registration form to be considered for a role with your child's team.
Coaches Information
Please complete a separate registration for each division that you would like to coach.
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  1. Red Circle Hockey Club - CODE OF CONDUCT 


    The term Coach refers to any coaching staff – (head coach or assistant coach)

    Coaching in the Red Circle Hockey Club is not a right, it is a privilege. Coaches must abide by the Constitution, Policies, Procedures and Rules and their behavior is expected to mirror the spirit of the Code.

    All Coaches of the Red Circle Hockey Club shall respect other Red Circle Hockey Club Coaches, Officials, Parents, Players, Team Officials, Volunteers and Board of Directors. Any inappropriate conduct, harassment or abuse (includes profanity) directed towards game or team officials, other coaches, parents, players, volunteers or Board of Directors of the Red Circle Hockey Club will not be tolerated.

    All coaches of the Red Circle Hockey Club shall respect the game of hockey and shall behave in a manner so as not to make a travesty of the game.

    Violation by any coach of any provision of the Code of Conduct may result in an immediate and indefinite suspension or expulsion from the Red Circle Hockey Club.

    In the event of an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct, Hockey Operations shall be notified immediately and a hearing shall be convened as soon as is practical.

    I have read the above Code of Conduct and agree with it. I realize that any violation of the Code of Conduct may result in the suspension or expulsion from the Red Circle Hockey Club of myself.

  2. Vulnerable Sector Check

    Please note that all volunteers of the Red Circle Hockey Club must complete a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

    The VSC must be obtained no earlier than April 1st for the upcoming season and must specifically be obtained for Red Circle Hockey Club. VSCs must be obtained at the individual’s local police station and cannot be obtained using a third party. Please be aware that the applicant’s name on the VSC must match their registration name to be valid.

    As coaching assignments are not finalized until the middle of October, individuals seeking a coaching role have until November 15th to provide their VSC for the current season.

    VSCs must be submitted to the Risk Management Committee to ensure confidentiality is maintained. Any individual who does not provide their VSC by the due date will be asked to resign their position at RCHC.

    Full details about our VSC process can be found here: Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS)/Police Checks
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