House League Information (Red Circle Hockey Club)

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The Red Circle Hockey Club offers house league hockey from ages 4 to 21. 

We are an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY REGARDLESS OF ABILITY league in all of our divisions.

We are a co-ed league offering a 40 game schedules (with the exception of our Mite program) that runs late September to March.

All divisions except our Mites have 2 FULL ICE times per week with the exception of our Selects Program.

Our Hockey Development team facilities numerous training clinics throughout the season to encourage goalie and player growth.

We also offer the lowest registration rates in the City of London.  We have no residential boundaries and you are welcomed to play within our league, regardless of your location.


U7 (MITE) Ages 4-5-6

This is our introduction program and is set up to get the child comfortable and confident on skates.  It is designed to get them having fun and enjoying the game of hockey.  This is a half ice program.


This is the year that the players are introduced to full ice hockey.  Confident, building skills and learning the rules of the game all while having fun!  More focus is given to technical aspects of the game (offsides, icing, clearing the puck) all while building on skills and strengthening weaknesses.    Games are played with a 3 minute buzzer.

U11 (ATOM) AGES 9-10

Learning plays, how to read them, how to execute them.  This is what we begin to work on at this age level.  In the U11 house league division players will also learn to change on the fly instead of by a buzzer system.

U13 (PEEWEE) AGES 11-12

At this stage the players often want to work on their skating. Hockey Development offers numerous power skating clinics throughout the season to help with this.  This division is split into an EAST and WEST division to align with players skills. 

U15 (BANTAM) AGES 13-14

Quick hands and scoring goals.  Players at this stage are keen on learning all they can on technique and mastering new skills.

U17 (MIDGET) AGES 15-16

We encourage this age group to skate hard and learn new and unique plays.  It is always in the best interest of these players to keep their attention with new and exciting drills and plays.


We are proud to still offer hockey to this age group.  It can be hard for them to still find a place to play the game they love.  Many of the U21 players volunteer within our league and become coaches as well.